Started this one a while ago and restretched the canvas last night. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a 10′ ceiling to work on a 9′ painting.

After screwing around on a computer for the last 2 years tying to improve my chops on digital rendering, I am reminded that there is nothing you can’t do with good old drawing and paint. In the final analysis, ALL digital ends up no bigger than a bread box.

Size DOES matter.

“…it’s all about presence.” –Mr. Waternoose, Monsters Inc.

3 thoughts on “Foundry

  1. I am very impresed with this.
    Could you tell me more about the title?
    Computers cannot capture that arm sweep, that sharp, quick decision, the overlaying of countless marks and textures.

    1. The title refers to an old Japanese myth about a bell maker who got a commission to make a bell to ring in the new emperors coronation but the casting kept cracking and time was running out so one of his beautiful daughters threw herself into the crucible as a sacrifice and the bell makes everyone weep when it tolls.
      Thanks for your interest in my work.
      I appreciate your questions.
      Brett Waller

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