Double upside down dancer

18″x24″ graphite and prisma on Canson toned paper.

The flat files are full.

I have over 400 drawings from the past 25 years from the movies and projects I’ve worked on, as well as sketchbooks and life drawing workshops like this drawing.

I’ve always been overprotective of my work as was suggested by one of my mentors William Stout, who has a policy of retaining ownership of the preparatory and original drawings.

So I have, too.

My friend Meredith suggested that I put these into circulation now.

So I will.

A lot of folks have come by the gallery and would really like to own a piece of original art, but they say they can’t afford it, times are tough right now, etc.

I understand, believe me.

Now’s your chance.

The next show at Bigbabyhead, slated for (Sept.) December, I will be offering most of this work for sale.

It will be the ATM/Fastcash show.

Most work in the show will be priced at $40, and $60.

I plan on having all the work catalogued and up on the website too for the night of the opening, so folks can view and order from anywhere.

Put your money where your mouth is.

I will post the exact date on this mailing when I know it.

If anybody out there can help me set up the website, I will do a trade out.

Thank you all.


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