Kickbacks sketch

This is a composition for a poster, not a clever sketch.

It is pieced together from a lot of reference, for instance, the model is a character I designed for a graphic novel in 1997 while working in Rome with a bunch of italian comix guys on a movie.

I came across this info in a book by Alex Grey which I thought was a good definition of the deal.

“The Creative Process

1 Formulation: discovery of the srtists subject or problem

2 Saturation: a period of intense research on the subject or problem

3 Incubation: letting the unconscious sift the information and develop a response

4 Inspiration: a flash of one’s own unique solution to the problem

5 Translation: bringing the internal solution to outer form

6 Integration: sharing the creative answer with the world and getting feedback”

… reprinted from the book “The MISSION of ART” by Alex Grey


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