Olympia redrum

Olympia taking a break after murdering the wolves.

A study from “Tales of the Vienna Woods” a new story by John Eder and Yours Truly.

Olympia is an 18th century re-animatronic courtesian with a serious drug problem and a taste for the good old fashioned ultra violence.


Black pastel on Arches 88, 12″x12″.

After 4 days of drawing storboards for a show. I found myself drawing minute little details of this model last night.

So I switched off my usual pencil to something a little more out of control just to loosen the springs.

Another good session with Liz, my favorite model in Florida.

Pete and Lucy-100th Post

My old pal Pete and his 3 legged poodle ,Lucy.

I finally got this painting back and it’s hanging in my house.

I had to go to Conneticut to get it from a framer I left it with in L.A. years ago, and it’s still unframed.

I had a companion piece to this which was stolen by a prominent real estate developer in Palm Springs, CA.

I don’t know if I’ll ever see that one again, she called the sherriff on me for trying to retrieve it.

The lesson here is… don’t underestimate the value of your work, powerful people will go to great lengths to steal good art, make them pay for it.