Nouveau Russo

A character design for a movie from 2002 I don’t even remember the name of it.

What I do remember is this,

The art director had me drive down to a sound stage in Long Beach from L.A. on a day rate. I did a couple of these Nouveau style drawings of the lead actress, and was finished, or thought so.

The art director said “well since we got you here…” the story is about this fashion designer and it would be nice to decorate the set with sketches of women can you do that?

I said, do you have any models? He lead me down the hall to the dressing rooms and tossed me into a room with about 35 beautiful russian girls they were using as extras on these runway scenes.

They didn’t speak much english and were all looking at me like “who’s this dude with the sketchbook in our dressing room?”

I don’t know where they got all these girls, but they had a handler/interpreter lady who was looking at me for direction so I just said “tell the girls to take off all their clothes and frolic”, and it was so.

Oh please Brer Fox, please don’t throw me in dat brier patch.

The Baron and Baroness really enjoy a good execution

Photo shoot reference of The Baron and Baroness Wellseg, for the Graphic Novel ‘Tales from the Vienna Woods”.

The Wellsegs entertain guests while they witness the graphic dismemberment of the “Duke” in their parlor, from the effects of infinite gravity field from their newest toy, the black hole generator. An invention of the Professor Gruberstoch.