Nick Fury

I just saw the Avengers last night. Great job directing by Josh Wheadon. That’s the first time I’ve seen a movie where the audience was so into it the applauded key scenes there the bad guys get their lumps.

I was reminded of this drawing I did for concept arts studios years ago as some character design comps for the film Shaft with Sam L Jackson.

I wish I was getting residuals.

Jax Orthopaedic Institute

Commercial storyboards for production. Three 30 second spots. 32 frames total. 10 hours from concept to complete.

The PM, Breigh Gleason and Sage Rue from “” out of Orlando was great. They had all reference material for backgrounds and actors waiting for me when I started and put the whole package together for delivery when the heat was on. I could not have pulled it off in that time frame without them. The Director was very relaxed and easy to work with.

They paid in 2 days. Nice.