And so it comes around. 2 years ago I made a commitment to myself to the practice of figurative works. I got my first tattoo to remind myself of that dedication at a shop called Blackhive. This is a portrait of the Nick Wagner who owns Blackhive tattoo.

Charcoal 14×17″ 2 hours.



The longest night of the year is a good night for ghosts.

The model for the Art League portrait workshop showed up in a complete Civil War era costume with a hoop dress and Hair doo. She is part of a re-enactment club here called the “Golden Teacups”. It was very inspiring, just wish I had brought some colors.



Sunday’s model was Scandinavian in ancestry. She had a high forehead and long neck. Her neck was not as long as the one I drew, I just wanted to accentuate it like one of the Russian Icon paintings of Madonna. I would like to experiment with elongating the entire figure as El Greco did. If I could just stop being afraid of the results of experimenting.