Its like deja vu, all over again.

Graphite on Paper 5″x5″

Palomino /Blackwing 5B on Arches 88 – 300 GSM Cotton Rag

20 minutes10-18-15

Life drawing again after a long 6 month hiatus. I don’t forget how to draw but I am poor at time management with the pose schedules. When you are working under restricted time, you have to decide what you are going to focus on in the 20 min pose. I.E. Facial portrait, Tonal study of entire figure, with or without background reference, etc. You have to choose before you “go in” and stick to the schedule or loose it.


I suppose I should expound on this title. I started the series on “alcoholics” 11 years ago in Los Angeles. All the subjects I have drawn so far are self-proclaimed alcoholics in recovery. They are sober and have been since their sobriety date which may have been years ago but they identify themselves as alcoholics as part of their treatment. This is not some kind of study in causality or a before and after contrast. I did not know them when they were actively in addiction but I wanted to see if there was something in common I could see by the drawing. I usually end up hearing something of the story of their recovery as we sit for these drawings which last about 30 to 40 minutes.12-15-2012_Erin001