The construction of a head or body begins with basic block build-up, then establishment a combination of enclosed shapes within those blocks as planes of light and planes of shadow. Then I find the edge of the shapes but I don’t feel the necessity to refine or even stay within these edges. I just need to know where they are.

Nothing more. I don’t try to draw an eye or a nose.


18×24 graphite on newsprint

I love my little studio. It’s just a bedroom in my house with a 10’ceiling, 2 windows facing north and east and a long unobstructed 16′ wall which I hung a ledge with a 4×8 piece of sheetrock at a slight angle. Under the ledge is a 54″ wide roll of canvas hung like a paper towel roll that I can just cut to length and tack to the sheetrock. I can make the stretcher bars later. No storage issues and no easels. My stereo, books, this computer and a nice heavy old maple workbench with a vise. Heart pine wood floors and a couch that’s too small to nap on.