Shot, again.

I know I have posted this before so I won’t go into the graphic details. Today was the day my old pal Sneeky Pete was shot dead 3 years ago.

I just got news that the guy who shot him died today. Weird.

I was feeling all blue today for no apparent reason.

Now I know, I am just too sensitive to the turning of the screws of the universe.

Pete and Lucy-100th Post

My old pal Pete and his 3 legged poodle ,Lucy.

I finally got this painting back and it’s hanging in my house.

I had to go to Conneticut to get it from a framer I left it with in L.A. years ago, and it’s still unframed.

I had a companion piece to this which was stolen by a prominent real estate developer in Palm Springs, CA.

I don’t know if I’ll ever see that one again, she called the sherriff on me for trying to retrieve it.

The lesson here is… don’t underestimate the value of your work, powerful people will go to great lengths to steal good art, make them pay for it.