paint over pastels

Draw 12-22-2013 2


What I am shooting for is a look like the figure is emerging from shadow, as if emerging from tannic swamp water.  No meaning just academic figure work rising from the depth.

This latest test is from a Sunday session with Rembrandt chalk pastels and conte black on toned Canson paper. Then in photoshop painting an oily wet brushy over the highlights and then burn tool the shadows about 70% opacity. I’m pretty happy with the results. I want to get a system going with real paint soon.




If I could get to the modeling I need with just the line work I would stick with that because I like my line quality. However I am not able to to get the figure to emerge from the nothingness without color. I want it to look like the the form is under water.

I am glad its not so cold here yet, but it is getting cold. Going up to Virginia for Thanksgiving and I hope to see some snow.



The construction of a head or body begins with basic block build-up, then establishment a combination of enclosed shapes within those blocks as planes of light and planes of shadow. Then I find the edge of the shapes but I don’t feel the necessity to refine or even stay within these edges. I just need to know where they are.

Nothing more. I don’t try to draw an eye or a nose.