CoRK drawings

Exercise at CoRK.

Drawing session in an old building from the 1920’s that’s been converted into studios in Jacksonville FL.

It’s right up against an old rail line and I kept imagining that bootleggers probably used this space for transport during prohibition.

Maybe we should do a themed drawing session there with a speakeasy.


18×24 graphite on newsprint

I love my little studio. It’s just a bedroom in my house with a 10’ceiling, 2 windows facing north and east and a long unobstructed 16′ wall which I hung a ledge with a 4×8 piece of sheetrock at a slight angle. Under the ledge is a 54″ wide roll of canvas hung like a paper towel roll that I can just cut to length and tack to the sheetrock. I can make the stretcher bars later. No storage issues and no easels. My stereo, books, this computer and a nice heavy old maple workbench with a vise. Heart pine wood floors and a couch that’s too small to nap on.

River rain

River rain. Oil 18″x36″

Study for a new graphic novel about the rise and fall of a black family, in their struggle to establish an orange grove and an identity in Palatka Florida from the 1880’s through 1960’s, with the St. John’s River as the spiritual center of their world.